Deaf College Students' Perspectives on Literacy Portfolios

Autor/a: NICKERSON, Jane Freiburg
Año: 2003
Editorial: American Annals of the Deaf, Vol. 148, nº 1 (2003) pp. 31-37
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital




The study examined how literacy portfolios were used as tools in a college developmental English class in which deaf students assessed their reading comprehension as well as their writing processes and products. The students' reading and writing assignments involved reflective thinking and were grounded in authentic tasks. Immediate feedback was provided. The study was multidimensional, longitudinal, and ongoing. A variety of field research techniques were used to ascertain the uses and influences of portfolios in regard to students' reading, writing, and reflective thinking. The results support the idea that the use of literacy portfolios can positively influence students who are deaf when they assess their reading and writing abilities.