Deaf Academics and Presentations of the VII Deaf Academics Researchers Conference: Deaf etnographies and Deaf politics

Autor/a: VII Deaf Academics Researchers Conference (7º. 2015. Leuven)
Año: 2015
Editorial: Leuven: Deaf Academics Researchers Conference, 2015
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda, Educación


The idea of the Deaf Academics conferences arose from the Amsterdam Manifesto created by some 35 individuals outside of the TISLR conference on July 26, 2000. The aim of the Deaf Academics conferences is for Deaf academics and researchers: to present and share our research findings; gain a better understanding of the issues that we face in the academic environment; feel empowered to carry on with our work; maintain a (support) network. The Deaf Academics conferences are held in International Sign only to provide direct access to academic discourse instead of through sign language interpreters, and the conference theme was “Deaf Ethnographies and Politics”.