Cultural Implications in the K-12 Education Setting

Autor/a: HARRISON, Dominic
Año: 2020
Editorial: Deaf Studies Digital Journal, nº 5 (2020): Deaf Studies Conference: Transformations
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Vídeo digital




The purpose of the workshop is to provide the insight of cultural difficulties in the K-12 educational settings where the educators would experience. When the participants learned about cultural difficulties, then they would have an opportunity to discuss and unpack their thoughts about the cultural difficulties and how will they improve themselves to reduce the cultural difficulties. This will benefit the educators to gain their understanding of cultural difficulties because they needed to put themselves first before becoming an advocate for the deaf individual or themselves. After the participants attended this presentation, they will have the benefits to learn and recognize themselves. It helps them to learn about potential factors that would be part of cultural difficulties. It will unpack the thoughts and attitudes toward the cultural difficulties in the K-12 educational settings. In addition, this applies to the concepts of cultural accessibility, accountability, and appropriateness that would influence their job performance. In overall, the educators will be able to have many positive insight outcomes on the cultural difficulties and remind themselves about their own positionality in the K-12 educational settings.