Coronavirus, Deafness and the Use of Different Signs of the Area in Health during a Period of Pandemic Time: Is That the Best Option to Do?

Autor/a: AMORIM, Gildete; RAMOS, A.; DE CASTRO, G.; AFONSO, L.; CASTRO, H.
Año: 2020
Editorial: Creative Education, nº 11 (2020) pp. 573-580
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


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The World Health Organization has decreed the new Coronavirus as a worldwide threat. This new virus causes COVID-19 with a threatening mortality rate and a high risk of contamination. Initially, the outbreaks began in China, then Iran, Italy, South Korea and now are present in all continents. Since only attitudes such as Hand-washing and quarantine can help in controlling this epidemic disease, these pieces of information need to be clearly spread on the whole society, including minorities such as the deaf community. Therefore, in this work, we briefly compared three signs about this virus currently in use in Brazil by the deaf community, focused on some linguistics characteristics (e.g. meaning ad concepts). Our results showed that it is important for taking care of the information delivery for the whole society including minorities such as the deaf community to avoid possible linguistic impairments about serious threats such as coronavirus.