Changing spaces: the role of the internet in shaping Deaf geographies

Autor/a: VALENTINE, Gill; SKELTON, Tracey
Año: 2008
Editorial: Social & Cultural Geography, Vol. 9, nº 5 (2008) pp. 469-485
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda


While there is a burgeoning literature on the role of ICT in the creation of new forms of social networks, dubbed on-line communities, much less attention has been paid to the complex set of relationships which are emerging between some off-line communities and the internet, and in particular to some of the new spatialities that are emerging as a result of community-based ICT practices. This paper develops this work by focusing on the example of ‘the Deaf community’. In reflecting on the implications of the communication possibilities offered by the internet for the production of Deaf space we begin by outlining the history of development of the off-line Deaf community in the UK and by reflecting on the concept of ‘community’. The paper then goes on to explore how Deaf people are using the internet to communicate with each other and, in doing so, to reflect upon how the internet is contributing to the re-spatialisation and scaling-up of this community while also having other unanticipated effects on Deaf people's mobilities and the space of the Deaf club.