The Case for Deaf Legal Theory Through the Lens of Deaf Gain

Autor/a: BRYAN, Alison; EMERY, Steve
Año: 2014
Editorial: Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2014
Tipo de código: ISBN
Soporte: Papel


Comunidad y cultura sorda, Legislación


Baroness Deech made the remark quoted in the epigraph during the Second Reading in the United Kingdom’s House of Lords in the passage of what is now the 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (HFEA). It is how this act was proposed, consulted upon, and debated that we seek to examine in this chapter; in addition, we want to critically evaluate how the law seeks to frame Deaf people, and ultimately their status within society.

En: H.-D. L. Bauman & J. Murray (Eds.), Deaf Gain: Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity, pp. 37–62.