Bridge to Allyship: Understanding Accountability as Sign Language Interpreters

Autor/a: BIENVENU, M. J.
Año: 2017
Editorial: Street Leverage
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


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First, we’ll consider “accountability.” When we use that term, we typically use a sign which, in my education and experience, means “responsibility.” Interesting, right? So, when I see the term “accountability,” it gives me pause because the two terms are often used to define each other. It would seem, then, that the interchangeable nature of these terms means utilizing a single sign for both is acceptable. It doesn’t seem that we need to delve into a discussion to define “accountability.” Next, let’s look at “boundaries.” How do we define boundaries? Where are those lines drawn? Even the sign we use to mean boundaries, which looks like physically “drawing a line,” doesn’t convey a concrete meaning. Finally, we have the term “allyship.” Upon further examination, we have to ask: Is allyship a process or an identity? These are the ideas I’ll be exploring with you this morning.