Bilingualism and Identity in Deaf Communities

Autor/a: METZGER, Melanie (ed.)
Año: 2000
Editorial: Washington: Gallaudet University Press, 2000
Colección: Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities Series; 6
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 1-56368-095-5
Soporte: Papel


Comunidad y cultura sorda, Educación


Is perception reality? Editor Melanie Metzger investigates the cultural perceptions by and of deaf people around the world in volume six of the Sociolinguistics series Bilingualism and Identity in Deaf Communities. All sociocultural groups offer possible solutions to the dilemma that a deaf child presents to the larger group,” write Claire Ramsey and Jose Antonio Noriega in their essay, “Ninos Milagrizados: Language Attitudes, Deaf Education, and Miracle Cures in Mexico.” In this case, Ramsey and Noriega analyze cultural attempts to “unify” deaf children with the rest of the community. Other contributors report similar phenomena in deaf communities in New Zealand, Nicaragua, and Spain, paying particular attention to how society’s view of deaf people affects how deaf people view themselves.