Bilingual education and sign language as the mother tongue of Deaf children

Año: 2008
Editorial: Peter Lang, 2008
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There may be only 300 to 600 oral languages left in 2100 as unthreatened languages, transmitted by the parent generation to children. These would probably include most of those languages that today have more than one million speakers, and a few others. Almost all languages to disappear would be Indigenous, and most of today’s Indigenous languages would disappear, with the exception of very few that are numerically strong (e.g. Quechua, Aymara, Bodo, Mapuche) and/or have official status (e.g. Māori, some Saami languages). This  was   about   the   spoken   languages. What about Sign languages? How many are there?


En: Kellett y Ochse (eds), English in International Deaf Communication.