Assessment Guidelines for Sign Language Interpreting Training Programmes

Autor/a: LEESON, Lorraine; CALLE, Lourdes; BOWN, Sarah (eds.)
Año: 2013
Editorial: EFSLI, 2013
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Papel


Formación, Traducción e Interpretación


The purpose of "Assessment Guidelines" is to present a set of possible types of assessment which are in use throughout Europe when assessing learning outcomes within educational programmes. The efsli "Learning Outcomes for Graduates of a Three Year Sign Language Interpreting Programme", served as a basis for the discussion in the Dublin workshops and provided the point of reference for the present guidelines. However, while these guidelines are pitched at a three-year undergraduate course, it is our hope that this document will also function as a point of reference and resource to those who may be working outside of that framework.This document is divided into two parts; general recommendations and specific assessment tools. A glossary of terms has also been included to provide definitions of core terminology used.