Applying the Transcription System Typannot to Mouth Gestures

Autor/a: DANET, Claire; THOMAS, Chloé; CONTESSE, Adrien; RÉBULARD, Morgane; BIANCHINI, Claudia S.; CHEVREFILS, Léa; DOAN, Patrick
Año: 2022
Editorial: European Language Resources Association
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Lingüística » Sistemas de transcripción de las Lenguas de Signos


Research on sign languages (SLs) requires dedicated, efficient and comprehensive transcription systems to analyze and compare the sign parameters; at present, many transcription systems focus on manual parameters, relegating the non‐manual component to a lesser role. This article presents Typannot, a formal transcription system, and in particular its application to mouth gestures: 1) first, exposing its kinesiological approach, i.e. an intrinsic articulatory description anchored in the body; 2) then, showing its conception to integrate linguistic, graphic and technical aspects within a typeface; 3) finally, presenting its application to a corpus in French Sign Language (LSF) recorded with motion capture.

En Proceedings of the LREC2022 10th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Multilingual Sign Language Resources.