A Grammar of Catalan Sign Language (LSC)

Autor/a: Quer, Josep; BARBERÀ, Gemma (eds.)
Año: 2020
Editorial: Sign Hub
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


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Grammatical description of sign languages has tended to be scarce and unsystematic to date. Catalan Sign Language (llengua de signes catalana, LSC) is one of the few sign languages that had an early global description of its grammar (Gramàtica bàsica LSC, 2005), accessible in LSC, Catalan, Spanish and English and with online open access since 2011. Following its steps, here you have a more comprehensive and detailed presentation of the grammatical properties of LSC.

A grammar of Catalan Sign Language (LSC) follows the SignGram Blueprint, the first comprehensive guide to sign language grammar description at all levels: Phonology, Lexicon, Morphology, Syntax, and Pragmatics. It also includes an introduction to the sociohistorical background of the language. The SignGram Blueprint has been implemented as a grammar writing tool on the SIGN-HUB platform, which was developed by the Horizon 2020 SIGN-HUB project (2016-20) and is available in open access. Several grammars have been created for other sign languages, and the goal is that further sign languages will join the repository with new grammar descriptions.