The State We’re in: Some Thoughts on Professionalisation, Professionalism and Practice Amongst the UK’s Sign Language Interpreters

Autor/a: POLITT, K.
Año: 1997
Editorial: Deaf Worlds: International Journal of Deaf Studies, Vol. 13, nº 3 (1997) pp. 21–26
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Traducción e Interpretación


I have been working as a British Sign Language/English interpreter for a number of years now. In my daily professional life I am coming across an increasing number of interpreting colleagues who can be categorised as belonging to one of two distinct types. Allow me to introduce you to an example of the first, who we’ll call Annabel (I should stress here that no direct reference to any individual interpreter is intended). Annabel is a nice woman. She regularly attends her local deaf club, and any deaf social event that she can. She often works unsociable hours to help her Deaf friends, usually expecting no financial reward. She does not allow the fact that she holds only a Level I (basic) Certificate in Sign Language Skills to deter her from her mission to help those less fortunate than herself.