Sante mentale et surdite: deuxième Congrés International : 9-11 mai 1991 = Mental health and Deafness: second International Congress: may 9-11 1991

Autor/a: Mental Health and Deafness International Congress (2º. 1991. Belgium)
Año: 1991
Editorial: [S.n.]: European Society for Mental Health and Deafness, 1991
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Educación » Aspectos psicológicos y cognitivos


These proceedings and the second congress itself confirm the strength of the European Society for Mental and Deafness. Despite its youth, it now has two sucessful international congresses, a Southern European Workshop and the first phase of a European research project to its credit. More importantly, it has become the major forum for practitioners and policy makers in this field from all over Europe to interchange expertise and to present new ideas hoped for in Lars von der Lieth's introduction for the first congress proceedings.