Salud indígena, poblaciones minorizadas y Covid-19

Autor/a: SAIPM-COVID19
Año: 2021
Editorial: SAIPM-COVID, 2021
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital




Effective response to any health crisis depends on linguistic and cultural factors as well as social and economic ones. This is of special concern for indigenous and immigrant communities for whom information about the pandemic and important health actions may not match their language or health practices. Given the dangers of the pandemic and the importance of appropriate information sharing, the project aims to answer an overarching question: What can be done to increase understanding in a context of multilingualism and multiculturalism and unequal access to various types of healthcare? The goal of this project is to produce an instrument that addresses these issues and results in usable data which lead to health education materials in times of crisis. Here you will find a fully adaptable survey in several languages, a protocol for its administration, guiding questions for healthcare education material creation, and audiovisual materials based on the information collected. All of the aforementioned has been co-created with our Indigenous collaborators or solely by them. Other data are currently under analysis.