Research area

  • To promote contact networks at the service of research activity.
  • To support and bolster studies and research works about Spanish sign language, according to the linguistic community needs, intensifying the link between teaching and researching.
  • To recover the linguistic tradition of the Spanish sign language, which has structured the linguistic community in the anthropological aspect of the standardization process.
  • To promote a linguistic corpus of Spanish sign language by collecting videos signed by deaf people as a resource for research and training.
  • To ensure the terminological creation process as a basic pillar on which the necessary symbolic representation for the development of the theoretical and scientific baggage is based.
  • To elaborate studies and works that develop the grammar of Spanish sign language.
  • To keep up a database of research centers, research staff, and studies about Spanish sign language that allows the exchange of teaching, professional and research material.
  • To offer a virtual library service and documentary support in the field of sign language, as well a database of resources of interest.