Welcome to the website of the Centre for the Standardization of Spanish Sign Language, CNLSE. This center has been set up thanks to the Spanish Law 27/2007 (23rd October 2007) which recognizes the Spanish Sign Languages and regulates the means to support oral communication for deaf people, hearing impaired and deaf blind people. The CNLSE belongs to the Royal Board on Disability and has a governing Council made up of representative entities of the Spanish sign language linguistic community and the public administration.
Through the different sections of the website we aim at offering a wide range of resources and providing a place to share the knowledge and experiences of the people interested in this language.
Our main objective is to work for the Spanish sign language standardization as a center of refence to protect the correct use of Spanish sign language and to contribute to guarantee the linguistic rights of the users of this language. Our principal targets are:

  • To ensure the development and impulse of the process of standardization of the Spanish sign language, together with its good use.
  • To act as a reference and spreading center in the field of the standardization of the Spanish sign language.
  • To promote research activities related with our field.

We hope that our web becomes a powerful instrument at the service of our main activity: the research, promotion and spreading of the Spanish sign language.